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submitted: Gary Utz

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This Children’s message was used for "Bible Sunday", and also if you are dealing with the question of why Cults attract some Christians.

Ask one of the children to stand on one foot. Than push them over with a single finger.
Q. Why was it so easy to push you over?
A. Because it’s hard to balance on just one foot.
This is a tripod. It’s used to hold a camera steady, to keep it from
falling over.   Watch what happens if I just use one leg….
Now I’ll use two of the legs… a little better, but it still falls
over   Now all three legs.  There, good and steady, it won’t fall over. Q. What does this have to do with being a Christian?
A. Some  Christians are like a tripod with only one or
two legs. They love Jesus, but they don’t know the Bible, or take
part in church.   Some come to Church, but don’t know the Bible, or Jesus   and some know the Bible, but don’t know Jesus or take part in  Church.
That means that they are easy to "tip" over, to cause them to loos  their faith, or get confused about it. And that’s why it’s so
important that we not only love Jesus, but also study the Bible, and  be part of our church in worship.


Posted August 21, 2010 by dgbmcc in Bible

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  1. great simple lesson for kids! thank you 🙂

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