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Cute Nativity Story… on YouTube   2 comments

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with every good wish and blessing to all visitors this Christmas time.  500+ every day…  and rising to 1500 a day at the weekend!  Thank you to all who have supported the “Engcongolweni Water Project” – hopefully in 2011 we will be able to bring clean piped water to the church & community in Engcongolweni, Northern Malawi.


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Slime Jar   4 comments

submitted: Laura Ewers

required: Jar of Slime! coins.

suitable at Christmas time.

Preparation:  Fill a clear large sweet jar with a mixture of washing up
liquid, water, cooked spaghetti, baked beans, food colouring, tin of
lychees and anything else that will look and feel nasty (water retaining
crystals used in hanging baskets are great).  Drop a £1 coin into the
mixture and hide the jar from the congregation. Put a 20p and 50p in
your pocket.

Ask the congregation if they’d like 20p.  The first person to respond,
throw them a 20p.  Take out a 50p and offer it in the same way.  Finally
ask who’d like £1.  This time ask the person to come forward and then
produce the jar of slime (for more impact we wrapped the jar in wrapping
paper and then watched as the child’s face turn from pleasure to horror
as they unwrapped their ‘present’!).  Explain that the pound is in the
jar and all they have to do is reach into the slime and pull it out.  As
they place their hand in ask questions like ‘can you feel the veins?’,
‘are there any eyeballs in there?’, ‘did you know there was frogspawn
this time of year?’ etc… 

Once the money is retrieved explain that, …… thought the coin was
valuable enough to go through the slime to reach, and that God thinks
the same of us.  The slime is representative of sin – dirty, smelly etc
– but he saw the value in us and reached down to save us.

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Holey Christmas   1 comment

required – Christmas Bauble & Polo or similar mint with hole.

Sometimes it seems that Christmas has a hole in it!  Something is missing!   In the midst of all the food and presents – we can forget what should be at the centre.  Here’s a decoration that we SHOUDN’T put on the tree – show the "mint with the hole" – all sweet on the outside – but nothing in the centre.  What is at the centre of Christmas… God’s love for the whole world… Baubles on the tree remind us of this… So let’s celebrate not a HOLEY Christmas… but a HOLY Christmas as we remember God’s love for the WHOLE world.

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Christmas Crackers   Leave a comment

required: Cracker – with hat/gift and joke.

Who’d like to pull a cracker..?
Before we do – what do you think is in it..?
What colour is the hat?
No-one knows exactly what’s inside this cracker – it’ll be a surprise…
[Pull the cracker]
Gift…  wise men brought gifts…  Jesus is God’s gift to us…
Hat…  Crown…  Jesus was born to be King
Joke…  Christmas is very serious -  no joke… and brings joy to the world

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