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req: King Chess Piece

Do any of you like to play chess?
A game where by moving the different pieces in different ways – you try to take the other players pieces, while making sure that your KING is not captured… the KING is the most important piece on the Board… and yet he can only move one square at a time. The queen can move the whole length of the board in any direction – as long as no one else is in the way… the bishops can move diagonally… (and so on)… all doing different things all very important – even the little pawns… but always working with the KING in mind.   In the church we all do different things… move different ways… and Jesus is our King.  Sometimes it might seem that he is moving slowly (one square at a time), and sometimes we are a little impatient (have you ever played a game of chess?).
The King on the chess board reminds us of Jesus in another way – what’s on the very top of the KING – a cross – reminding us of Christ’s death (and the two directions of the cross remind us of the God/ People aspect – as well as loving one another)

Another take on the chess board idea:

submitted: Alexander Horsburgh

Prop: A Chess Board

Ask: Does anyone play chess?
Explain that the different pieces move in different ways.

Ask: What is the most important piece?
Explain that it is the king, because if your king is captured you’ve lost the game so the point is to capture your opponent’s king while protecting your own.

Ask: So, is the king the most powerful piece?
Answer: No, because the king can only move one square in each direction, making him virtually powerless.

A funny kind of king, you might think.

Today in church, we’re thinking about a funny kind of king too.
When we think of historical kings, we think of powerful people.
But in some ways, the king we celebrate today was almost powerless.
Born into a poor family in Bethlehem
Grew up in a wee village called Nazareth
Never was head of a government
Never commanded an army
Was put to death like a criminal

Lots of people thought he was pretty useless and many people still do.

But we know that Jesus was a very unusual king because his reign is built, not on power or privilege, but on loving and serving his people.

And unlike the king of the chess board, or any other earthly king or ruler, he does not need our protection, but offers us his.


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