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L is for Learner, L is for Loving, L is for Listening, L is for Living, L is for Laughing, L is for Leaving (things behind…) L is for Labouring, L is for Liking…


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submitted: Rev John Henry

I took the word ‘Lent’ and asked what new words we could make from the word…

Ten – as a lead in to thinking about the Ten Commandments, Lent when we think about our own walk with God and following his way for us as set out in the Bible.

Net – to think about the fact that Jesus called fishermen – Lent being a time when we think about our own discipleship.

I then said to the children that we would need to add letters to make…
Tel   ephone – to help us think about talking to someone – the link then being made about prayer.

In each case I used letters on a flip chart and took a Bible, a Net and a Mobile Phone as visual aids.

Posted March 3, 2012 by dgbmcc in Lent