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A nice idea shared at “Starters for Sunday”….  Where’s Wally…  Images can be found on the web…  have a picture of Wally – so folk know who they are looking for…

http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/worship/starters_for_sunday/may – and click on 4th May

Ties in nicely with road to Emmaus story…  Jesus not recognised at first…

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T2C is now on Facebook – facebook.com/Talks2Children

T2C is now on facebook too…  where you can share ideas and comment…

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iMindMap   2 comments

iMindMap Trial

iMindMap – many uses in ministry… click above for free trial.

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Rev Donald McCorkindale, creator and sustainer of Talks2Children is dong a wee Sponsored Walk on Saturday 8th June in aid of Church Funds at Strontian Parish Church – a small rural Scottish congregation. details about how to make a donation at: http://www.aksm.org.uk/sw. Any support will be much appreciated… Thank you.

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Stand Up Sit Down   1 comment

Submitted by: Rev Sally Fulton

Equipment Required: None

Keywords: Team, Baptism, belonging

Bible Links: I Cor 12, Luke 3

We’re going to play a game. Everyone whose name begins with the letter “A” – stand up. Everyone who is wearing black shoes – stand up everyone who likes Scary Spice (!) – Stand Up… and so on until everyone is standing… then Everyone born in July sit down… everyone who likes Pizza – sit down… until everyone is sitting again. Who won the game? No-one just because we are different, like different things and do different things doesn’t make us any better than anyone else… we are all different individuals loved by God

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The Blind Beggar   Leave a comment

Not specifically for children…  but I offer this little meditation based on Blind Bartimeaus… this Sunday’s Lectionary Gospel.

There’s an audio guided meditation…   http://revdonaldmcc.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/blindbeggar/

and a document with the text:   Blind Beggar Meditation (Word doc)

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Interesting web article   1 comment

just stumbled across this article…  interesting reading for those of us talking to children in worship…


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