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Have you ever had a row for leaving dirty footprints?
Or have you ever tried to cover up your footprints – so that no-one knows what you were doing. Footprints can get us into trouble… and they can also be very helpful… you can follow footsteps… Just outside Jerusalem you can visit the place where it is said that Jesus left his last footprint here on earth. Some say you can see the shape of Jesus’ foot in the rock. The "Chapel of Ascension" has been a special and holy place for nearly 2,000 years, and there have been various buildings at the site – originally a small chapel with no roof built in the 4th Century (Note: Originally Byzantine – then 12th Century octagonal Crusader reconstruction with additional fortification, then – and to present day – Moslem mosque – Muslims also observe the ascension of Jesus) It is interesting to know about the places where Jesus was… places where people can say – "Jesus was here". Place of the ascension reminds us that Jesus was taken up into heaven to be with God – but he can still leave his footprints – marks that say – "Jesus is here" – now it’s our footprints… all the things we do leave a mark – sometimes a bad one… hopefully good ones… and other people will say "Jesus is here".

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