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appropriate at Baptism…

Multimedia: could show the clip from the beginning of the film The Lion King

"The Lion King." – perhaps dated now!  But maybe still useful illustration for use at baptism… .  At Simba’s birth he is held up for all the animal kingdom to see. The wise monkey, Rafiki
"baptises", Simba. Mixing some concoction in a half coconut shell,  Rafiki then places his thumb in the concoction and then makes a mark across Simba’s head.
Simba is marked forever.

Later and following Mufassa’s death, Rafiki suggests that Mufassa is in fact still alive and can show Simba.  He takes him to a pool of water… Look… but that is only my reflection says Simba.  Look harder… Simba sees his father in the reflection.  Rafiki reflects: See your father lives in you Simba.
Our lives reflect our Father God.

"And the sign and seal of the Holy Spirit shall be placed upon her"


Posted August 21, 2010 by dgbmcc in Baptism

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