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submitted by: Beth

I very happily danced around a little and repeated "I am SOOO ready for Christmas!"  I took a yellow balloon from my bag and tied it to the altar rail and repeated, "I am so READY for Christmas!"  I repeated this until the kids told me my balloon was the wrong color.
Then I took a pink party hat (with glitter and streamers) from my bag and put it on my head.  And I repeated my statement until they told me my hat was wrong.  One little boy scoffed and said I looked ridiculous in that birthday hat.  So I played that up!  Then I reached behind the lecturn and took out the cake and asked Everyone to join in singing the "best Christmas song ever."

I had set up with the organist before hand to play "Happy Birthday"


Posted November 19, 2010 by dgbmcc in Advent, Christmas

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