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submitted: Angela G

Imagine your birthday is coming up soon.  Your Mother tells you that you are to have a Party and it’s time to make plans. She gives you a blank piece of paper and asks you to make three columns headed as follows:- Guest List; Games; Food. Children will suggest ideas.  Big Day comes. Great excitement, house decorated with balloons, dining table set with great big Birthday cake, smell of sausage sizzling in oven etc. Scene is set and the party guests begin to arrive. You run out to the gate to meet a stream of excited children and they run on into the house.  As the last child comes to the gate you stop to lock it behind you and as you turn to go in you realise that everyone has gone in to the house and you are left behind.  You run up to the door, but the last person has slammed it shut- you can’t get in!  So you knock and bang at the door- no reply- you can hear all the laughter and fun. You know your favourite games are being played because you can see balloons being tossed in the air, but somehow through it all everyone has failed to notice you are not there- and you sit on the step with a heavy heart hoping someone will realise your absence. Isn’t this how Jesus must feel when he looks at the world today. Houses lit up inside and out. A fortune of money spent on the latest must have craze- perhaps the Wii. It’s Tinsel Time! It’s Santa Time! It’s Party Time! It’s Spending Time! It’s Celebration Time! It’s Holiday Time! – But what’s it all about?  It’s all about Jesus’ Birthday and yet for many people He is not the centre of it.  Let’s remember that Christmas is all about Jesus, his coming to earth as a tiny baby, born in a stable in Bethlehem to be the Saviour of the World. This Christmas Day let’s all focus our thoughts on God’s most precious gift to the world and say , ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’.


Posted November 19, 2010 by dgbmcc in Christmas

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  1. Angela, you’ve saved my life! After 15 years of Christmas talks at the school service I was stuck for an idea. Yours is great! Thank you!

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