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The poster with the words "He is Risen!" is down from the notice board… for another year… BUT Easter is every day… before poster is put away let’s have a look at the words… they can be said in different ways… different emphasis… different moods… and jumble the words around and they can still make sense.. Risen – he is! Risen! Is he?… Is he Risen? Many people have turned it into a question… even the first believers, Jesus’ friends… I think may have asked… is this really true?… to those people Jesus came – after he had been raised from the dead… to Thomas (remember we were talking about him last week)… to some of the disciples who were out fishing… they hadn’t caught a thing all night… then someone from the shore suggests they try from the other side of the boat… they do… and they catch 153 fish… then they recognise who it is who is helping them… and if any of them were still wondering "Is he Risen?" – now they know – it is the Lord – He is Risen! Sometimes we have to look at things from a different angle – from the other side of the boat… and our questions are turned around – and we know that Jesus is alive and helping us today.


Posted August 9, 2010 by dgbmcc in Easter

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