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Have you done all your Christmas Shopping?   Posted all the cards… you should already have posted the cards to relations and friends on the other side of the world – (or maybe you are waiting to the last minute to e-mail them!).  And then there’s  the tree… and the decorations… plans for Christmas meal… where will you go… what to wear… so many plans and preparations for Christmas… BUT what is the most important way to prepare for Christmas?… Knowing that Jesus is with us not just on Christmas Day – but every day…


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John the Baptist   Leave a comment

submitted: Dorothy A. DeBisschop, Oxford, CT.

Hello boys and girls — I am going to give you a few words from a song, and anybody who knows the next line, raise your hand

You better watch out,
You better not cry,
you’d better not pout,
I’m telling you why.

Who knows the next line? — let one of them say "Santa Claus is coming to town".
Yes, that’s right, the song tells us how boys and girls should behave if they hope to receive Christmas presents.
I am not going to tell you about the Santa Claus story–that’s one for you and your parents to talk about.  But I am going to tell you  a true story from the Bible –  which also tells us how we should behave because someone special is coming.
If you have company coming, you clean up your rooms; if Christmas is coming, maybe you put up some Christmas decorations.  Our Bible story today is about
getting ready, too.  John the Baptist came to the people of Israel just before Jesus began preaching.  He told people that someone very special was coming.  They needed to get ready.  He said, "Change your hearts and lives because Jesus is coming soon."

(Show picture of JB from Read With Me Bible, for Children -NIrV) 
John the Baptist was not a handsome dude, and he had some funny words he used.
His favourite word was REPENT!  John the Baptist knew that all people do wrong things at times.  So he told them to REPENT. 

What does that mean?  See if anyone can give them answer.

Repenting is not just being sorry for your sins, it is being sorry enough to want to quit.  John the Baptist knew that Jesus was going to come for us, and that Jesus wanted us to know that he was the Son of God and to believe in him
and to act like him.  He wants us to remember to be kind to others, and remember to pray and worship God always.
So, lets take a cue from John the Baptist — Let’s change the things in our lives that we do that are not good and loving and kind.  This week, I want each
of you to help prepare for Jesus coming — Can you think of a special way that you can be kind to others?
Can you remember to say your prayers?
If we all stop being
Then we will really be ready for Baby Jesus to come into our hearts. And since that is often hard to remember don’t forget to pray to Jesus and ask him to help you.

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Christmas Things   Leave a comment

required: Christmas decorations

What things do we have on the tree?
Baubles… to remind us of God’s love for the world.  (I have a bauble which is decorated as a globe!)
Lights… to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world
Star… to remind us of the guidance given to the magi
Evergreen tree… everlasting life in Christ… Fir tree pointing to heaven (St Boniface Legend)

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