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Call of the Disciples John 1

What do we call Jesus’ friends… Disciples
and how many where there?… 12
What were they called… – as the names are called out… also write up the wrong one’s on a white/ black board…
Go over the right one’s… and have the young folk remember them. I always write them up in this order:
James James Judas John,
Simon, Simon (Peter), Thaddeus & Tom
Bartholomew, Matthew, Andrew and Philip
(This order has nothing to do with the Scriptural order – but is easily remembered – 4 J’s, 2 S’s & 2 T’s and a BMAP!)
Having remembered all the right one’s – return to the wrong one’s – Mark and Luke will probably appear – and maybe Paul – you can explain that they were not among the 12 – but they were in a sense disciples… the other “wrong” answers are of course also right… and will include some of the young people’s own  names… we can all be disciples of Jesus if we try to follow him.


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