Slime Jar   4 comments

submitted: Laura Ewers

required: Jar of Slime! coins.

suitable at Christmas time.

Preparation:  Fill a clear large sweet jar with a mixture of washing up
liquid, water, cooked spaghetti, baked beans, food colouring, tin of
lychees and anything else that will look and feel nasty (water retaining
crystals used in hanging baskets are great).  Drop a £1 coin into the
mixture and hide the jar from the congregation. Put a 20p and 50p in
your pocket.

Ask the congregation if they’d like 20p.  The first person to respond,
throw them a 20p.  Take out a 50p and offer it in the same way.  Finally
ask who’d like £1.  This time ask the person to come forward and then
produce the jar of slime (for more impact we wrapped the jar in wrapping
paper and then watched as the child’s face turn from pleasure to horror
as they unwrapped their ‘present’!).  Explain that the pound is in the
jar and all they have to do is reach into the slime and pull it out.  As
they place their hand in ask questions like ‘can you feel the veins?’,
‘are there any eyeballs in there?’, ‘did you know there was frogspawn
this time of year?’ etc… 

Once the money is retrieved explain that, …… thought the coin was
valuable enough to go through the slime to reach, and that God thinks
the same of us.  The slime is representative of sin – dirty, smelly etc
– but he saw the value in us and reached down to save us.


Posted December 20, 2010 by dgbmcc in Christmas, General

4 responses to “Slime Jar

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  1. This is horrible! That we would equate God’s amazing creation of life with slime and dirt, smelly, etc., is beyond comprehension. You would use that to explain God’s grace?

    Rev. Louise Sloan Goben
  2. Rev Louise obviously doesn’t subscribe to the Rom.3: 23. I think this is great; a fine illustration of God’s Grace reaching into the mess we have made of Hid world through sin.
    Rev (Capt) A R Kirkwood. CF4

  3. Thanks so much for this idea. Used it for an end of year breakup. If you mix 1 cup of Lux Flakes with 2 litres of warm water and some green food colouring, leave it overnight – it turns into wonderful slime. Add lichees (might be sheeps eyes) and udon noodles (for worms) and a couple of gold coins to be found by the children. Really got the attention of the primary age children, who then listened to the gospel message of Christmas from John 3:16. (God was in a perfect heaven full of love and good things, no crying, no arguing … sent his son Jesus down to an itchy scratchy feeding trough in a grubby grimey manger – why would he do this?) Don’t forget the paper towels. Now to work out how to get rid of the slime …

  4. I used this at an All Age Service in my Church yesterday. We got the message across but the whole thing was an hilarious masterclass in’ How not to do a presentation!’
    The little girl whose hand shot up at the prospect of receiving a pond coin, looked at me with huge eyes when she saw the slime and said in a quavering voice ” I don’t want to do it,”
    A little boy, said “I’ll do it” and I heaved a sigh of relief, Of we went! ” Do you go pond dipping?” I asked. “that’s washing up liquid” he replied, We continued in this way:
    Veins – spaghetti, eyeballs – lychees, frog spawn – no,and there are baked beans in the bottom and definitely no coin!
    In the end I had to put my arm in the slime and pull out the coin myself! I was then heckled by a child who told me that I must have had the coin in my hand all the time!
    A tough iner city congragation?
    No just nine children in a village Church in rural Devon!
    God Bless

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