Holey Christmas   1 comment

required – Christmas Bauble & Polo or similar mint with hole.

Sometimes it seems that Christmas has a hole in it!  Something is missing!   In the midst of all the food and presents – we can forget what should be at the centre.  Here’s a decoration that we SHOUDN’T put on the tree – show the "mint with the hole" – all sweet on the outside – but nothing in the centre.  What is at the centre of Christmas… God’s love for the whole world… Baubles on the tree remind us of this… So let’s celebrate not a HOLEY Christmas… but a HOLY Christmas as we remember God’s love for the WHOLE world.


Posted November 19, 2010 by dgbmcc in Advent, Christmas

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  1. A scripture reading that could go with this story could be John 3 v 16. This brings in the Christmas message of, God giving a gift to the world, and that those who accept His gift, (which is Jesus), have Everlasting Life.

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