Harvest in a can   1 comment

submitted: Fr Bruce Walles

Equipment: Can of soup

A whole Harvest in a can of soup.
How can we really celebrate Harvest without being surrounded by produce?
Well this single can of soup contains everything that we need to celebrate and thank God this morning.
This single can contains a hearty meal …. Something in itself that we should give thanks for… it s full of vegetables like carrots, potatoes, onions and peas…. There are also tomatoes and pasta…. Herbs and flour.
Farmers have planted the seeds and harvested the crops. Chefs have mixed the flour and made the pasta.
And using God s gift of water, everything has been cooked to perfection.
But that s not the only harvest contained in this single can!
The can itself is a celebration of the earth and the minerals and ores that it gives us. So we can also give thanks for the gift of industry and all those men and women who work so hard to make our country so prosperous.
Even the label is a cause for celebration…. The bright colours can remind us of just how beautiful our world is…. Truly a gift from God.
The paper label, lets us thank God for the beauty and usefulness of trees.
Even the list of ingredients and cooking instructions on the back…. Let us thank God for the gift of language and the wonder of modern communications.
And the barcode is a cause for recognising the gift of technology and science in our world and the power and ingenuity of the human brain.
And finally when we sit down to enjoy the soup itself… We can give thanks to God not only for all our senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste… But we can thank him for the gift of life itself.
Life so precious and wonderful  that we should celebrate it every day.
So just one small can of soup ….  That contains everything it says on the label …. And a whole lot more!
Is a truly wonderful celebration of our Harvest.
Enjoy ….. Amen


Posted November 19, 2010 by dgbmcc in Harvest

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  1. Great Idea for this years (2015) uniformed Parade service.
    Many thnaks


    Rev Alistair Newton

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