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submitted: Bryan Kerr

required: Wrapped Chocolate Orange

Who likes to eat lots of food at Christmas time?
Did anyone get any sweets for Christmas this morning, perhaps in their stocking?
What sweets did you get?
I got the best sweet in the whole world. What do you think it is? Invite responses from the congregation.
It is a chocolate orange. Hands up if you like chocolate oranges? I like them because when you eat it you can almost convince yourself that because it is called an orange it is good for you … even although you know that it is not.
But I like chocolate oranges from another reason. Did you know that it helps us think about Christmas?
At Christmas time we remember that Jesus came to the world to be a king for everyone. What do kings and queens wear? Ask for responses. Whenever I think about kings and queens I always think of them wearing jewels and sparkling things – just like the wrapper around the chocolate orange.
Can anyone remember what the angels said in our reading this morning? Invite responses They said that something amazing had happened not just for some people but for the whole world. And look at the shape of our chocolate orange – it looks like our world, a very small globe because of its shape. So the chocolate orange helps us to remember that Jesus came to earth for everyone and not just those in churches or those we think are good people.
The best bit about a chocolate orange is how you eat it. Does anyone know what you need to do to get all the segments separate? Invite responses.  That’s right you have to hit it really hard or drop it from a great height. Do one of these things – maybe go up the pulpit steps and drop the orange over the side?!?
Now this is the really exciting bit of the chocolate orange. We get to open it!
Look at the orange now – it is in lots of little bits and when you take the wrapper off they all open up and we can eat them!  But I think this helps us remember what the angels said as well. When the shepherds heard the news they went straight to the stable where the baby Jesus had been born. And after they had seen the baby Jesus they went and told everyone that they met about him and shared the good news with all the people they met. You know, when we hear good news it is very difficult to keep it to ourselves and we want to tell others about it. At Christmas time we need to remember to share the good news of a king who was born for everyone in the world. We need to tell people how special the baby Jesus is and how important he is for the whole world.
And just as we need to share the story of our king, the baby Jesus, let’s share the chocolate orange – who wants a bit? …


Posted November 19, 2010 by dgbmcc in Brilliant Talk!, Christmas

3 responses to “Chocolate Orange

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  1. What a great story and illustration. Nice work!

  2. I used this at the Christmas Eve service with really young kids. I had to adapt a little but it worked really well – and the kids enjoyed helping smack the orange before unwrapping it! Good talk.

  3. Brilliant – absolutely brilliant; and me a chocolate orange lover as well

    Rev. (Capt) Alexander Kirkwood CF4

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