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submitted: Gary Utz

M: Hi Kids. Can you name some people who are important?
C: …………
M: (Now ask them to name the people who help make those people
successful or important. For example, if they name a cartoon
character, ask them who draws it. If a TV star, who writes the
stories, or does the video work)
M: You know, for every important people, there are a lot of other
people who help them.
M: Even Jesus got some help… from a man named John. How do you
think someone could help Jesus?
C: …
M: He helped Jesus by getting people ready for Jesus to come. He reminded people that they needed to think about God. He reminded them  that they NEEDED God. And then when Jesus showed up, John told  everyone to watch and listen to Jesus.
By doing that, John didn’t just help Jesus, he helped a lot of
people, because he told them about Jesus.
We should do that to, we should tell others about Jesus, and help
them to know about Him.


Posted September 6, 2010 by dgbmcc in Advent

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