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submitted: Rev Jane Denniston

Ask the kids if they know that hands can talk? They will usually say yes and refer to sign language. But do they know that their hands talk too?
How do they talk?
What sort of things do they say?
Don’t be naughty! (wag finger)
Look! (point)
Well done, I like that   (clap)
I’m angry  (shake fist)
Sh!   (finger on mouth)
Goodbye! (wave)
I like you! (hold hands)
Jesus’ hands talked too!    "Little children were being brought to Jesus so that he could lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples spoke sternly to those who brought them (wagging fingers). But Jesus said, Let the children come to me, and don’t stop them."
Blessed the children…. His hands said…..I love you… I want you to be here near me….You are welcome.
This is a good one for Armistice Sunday if the end is changed and a different point is made.
What does it mean when we shake hands? It used to mean “I come in peace”, now it often means “let’s be friends”.


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  1. This is beautiful, I added

    • I like you! (hold hands)
    • I love you (Hug yourself)

    When you leave church today use your hands to talk to your family and friends around you.

  2. I have created a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate this talk, post a comment on this page if you’d like a copy of it.

  3. Unseen Guests
    Children’s Sermon, from Michelle, Yakima, WA
    Ask the kids if they know that hands can talk? (I used your above, but continued with my story instead of the “Let the Little Children Come” story.)

    Today’s parable takes place at a banquet that Simon the Pharisee held in his home. He invited Jesus to come to his table, but when he got there, Simon failed to treat Jesus as an honored guest. He didn’t have a servant wash Jesus’ feet, as was the ordinary custom. Perhaps he hadn’t made up his mind—was Jesus a “Good Teacher”, or something more?
    In those days, when a rich man threw a party, the poor could also show up as uninvited guests. True, they had to stay in the corners of the room, but when the party was over, they could scrounge the leftovers at the table—or argue with the dogs under the table for that matter!
    However, one woman came away from the poor huddling in the corner, waiting to eat the rich man’s crumbs. She hadn’t come to beg food, but to beg forgiveness. She was known as The Sinful Woman. She saw Jesus’ feet were unwashed, but she washed them with her tears. She had no towel, so she wiped His feet with her hair, and anointed them with costly perfume. Not only was she sorry for her sins, her actions showed great love for Jesus.
    The homeowner Simon is offended! Ewwww! If Jesus were a really prophet, wouldn’t he know what kind of sinful woman was touching Him? In that moment, he looks down on somebody created in the image of God, and his faith in Jesus is weakened.
    When we have unexpected guests, how do we treat them? They could show up in our life needing a kind work, but we’re busy. They could show up at our church as strangers. What do our hands say? Go away (use “talk to the hand motion”) or “Welcome” (use open arms motion)

    Michelle Blanchard
  4. excellent ideas, very beneficial. Thanks and Every continued blessing!!

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