Harvest Thanksgiving Ideas   1 comment

Harvest Thanksgiving Services in Churches and Schools will not be far away…  do you have any good ideas to share here…  you can email me at donald@dalgety-church.co.uk or comment here on the blog…

Posted August 29, 2010 by dgbmcc in News

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  1. You can use a picture of a ‘Horn of Plenty’ (print a coloring sheet for the kids for after the sermon) but one purchased at a Hobby Lobby or other craft story with aritficial fruits and/or vegetables are best. Jesus is like the Horn of Plenty. He provides us with all we need. Each item can represent something we are thankful for (not necessarily the food itself). If you go with all fruit-the Fruits of the Spirit…you can also use items from the yard-acorns, pine cones, leaves, etc. Give each child an item, have them thank God for one thing He has given them, then have the child place the item in the Horn of Plenty. It will fill up quickly and be more meaningful for everyone. Leave it in plain sight for the worship service.

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