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submitted: Gary Utz

Today is Bible Sunday
L: How many of you go to school?
C: …
L: Why do you go?
C: have to, don’t know…  to learn things
L: Well, what do you learn in school?
C: …….
L: Who do you think pays for school?
c: ???
L: Your parents, and grandparents, and neighbours.. in fact, everyone
here pays so you can go to school…
Because we all know how important it is that you learn things you
don’t know. The more you learn, the smarter you’ll be, and the more successful you’ll be.So we know it’s worth the money, and the time, and the effort… the homework, and all those years, for you to go to school.
None of us know what you will be, or do, when you get through
school, but we know that the more YOU know, the better your life will be.
Those of us here today, in this church, also know that the more
you know about the Bible, the more you know about God, the better your life will be. So we give money, and time, and effort, so you can come to Sunday school, or Pioneer Clubs, or the children’s choir.. because we KNOW that the more you know about God and the Bible, the happier your lives will be…
So I hope each one of you will come to those things, because if
will really help you, now, and through your whole life.


Posted August 21, 2010 by dgbmcc in Bible

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