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required: “Y” junction sign

Do you sometimes have tests at school, where you have to choose the right answer.  An easy question would be "What is 3 add 3?" – is it 7 or 6 or 5… or what about ‘When was this church built?" Was it 1978, 1878 or 1778…  Sometimes questions don’t have a right answer – ‘What is your favourite colour?’ – all different answers – all right… and then there are questions we are all asked every day – and we have so many answers to choose from… what will I wear today?  What game will I play?  Lots of choices everyday… and sometimes we have to choose between good things and bad things…  Will I be a good friend at school – or will I pick on somebody?   Will I be quiet when the teacher says "Shshshshsh!" – or will I carry on making a noise?  Will I be helpful at home – or will I just watch TV… different choices – for us all.  Do you know what this sign means… Y junction – drivers must choose which road to take… (Coming into Bonnybridge do you take a right into High Street past the Church, or take a left down Larbert Road).   About 2,600 years ago a man from Greece, called Pythagoras said that life was a bit like the letter "Y" (Greek letter gamma) – with different ways to choose.  Then about 2,000 years ago Jesus was saying that we all have choices to make – he said it’s like seeing two gates – a thin gate and a wide gate – often the thing we know we should do, seems the more difficult – and we end up taking the easy – the wide gate… but Jesus also said that he is with us always… every time we say or think – "What should I do?" – we can ask Jesus to help us make the right choice.


Posted August 9, 2010 by dgbmcc in General

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