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required: small elephant figurine

In one’s hand, place a small elephant figurine (the one I used was a small crystal elephant figurine).
Without revealing what is in your hand, ask the children if they would believe that you were holding a cocoon? … a butterfly? … a mouse? … an egg? … a flower? (or appropriate small objects of the season)
Then ask, "What if I told you I was holding an elephant?"
(The children will usually respond with disbelief)

Ask the adults as well, if they believe.
Then just show the children as individually as possible what you are holding and ask them to name it (it’s an elephant). Ask them all together if they believe you now — (without revealing anything to the adults).

After the children respond, show the congregation the contents of your hand.

Object lesson: "Blessed are those who have NOT seen and yet believe"


Posted August 9, 2010 by dgbmcc in Easter

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