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Once there was a young boy called Louis, who came home from school one day with a big black eye… "What have you been up to?", asked his mother. But before hearing the explanation she cleaned up his eye – it was really quite a mess. Then she asked what had been happening at school. "It was the other boy – he started it", said Louis… he called me names… and was saying nasty things to me… and I said nastier things to him… then he said really really bad things to me… it got worse and worse… then I hit him… and he hit me. Louis expected a row from his mum… but she did a strange thing… took him to the back door of their house… it looked out onto a big mountain… "Louis, I want you to shout at the mountain… shout some of the terrible things you and the other boy were saying at school today" – and so he shouted "I hate you"… and back came the echo… "I hate you" – it was as if the mountain was shouting back to him… (get the kids to be the echo as you use a few more examples) Then after shouting lots of bad things at the mountain… Louis’ mum asked him to shout out "God loves you" – and back came the loud reply – "God loves you"… That was a day that young Louis never forgot… he learnt an important lesson… say bad, unkind things… and they often come back to you… and good things too come back like echoes. It’s a true story and the young boy was Louis Mayer, who became the famous film maker – of Metro Goldwin Mayer – the films that begin with the roaring lion! Louis knew that if he was kind and considerate to others, he could expect that back from others… "Jesus said do to others what you would like them to do to you"…


Posted August 8, 2010 by dgbmcc in General, no props required

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